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CCP CSM Interview:

CSM Round Table w/ DTM135:

TiS with Matterall:

Things I want fixed (not finished RL is weighing in heavy):

FW: There is currently no reason to fight for territory in FW (other than for the sake of fighting). The citadel tethering fix is in the right direction. We need more faction warfare and less faction warp-fare. We also need to fix faction battleship payout and market prices. Currently not worth converting LP to BS BPCs for some hulls and some hulls cost more and preform less then some equivalent pirate hulls.
Bring the warfare back to faction warfare. Why is there LP for missions and D-Plexing? Let’s reward players for roaming and fighting and let’s make it not worth it for the bots.

LS: Low sec has lost its focus. From cap/supercap proliferation, null influence, dead systems, and other issues, low sec needs more focus and an actual purpose on CCP’s roadmap. Should null be able to project so quickly, easily and firmly into low sec? Should caps vs sub caps always favor caps? These and other issues need to be addressed.

Time to PvP content: Decreasing time to content, preferably dynamic content is important for small gangs and low sec. Needlejack filaments are a good start for this. Cancer rats in events also helped drive pvp content.

Content drivers: Yeah its an overused term but low, null and WH need space, resources, ISK and other reasons to fight. World builders are needed but so are nomads, elite groups and marauders to shift and tip the balances of power

Rewarding game play for high tier players: Eve has a-lot of rock, paper scissors and N+1 problems but creative and skilled players used to be able to tip the odds and change the meta through RL skill and knowledge. This type have play has been eroded and is no longer rewarded. This needs to change. R&K’s golden fleet, the AT, whaling and other creative play styles need to be reintroduced and cultured.

Tournaments: Bring back the AT or something like it that the players can rally behind as corps, alliances and a community. Look at Monsters Reborn, EVE-CS, Scrims 5v5 and other player run PvP events. They are gaining traction fast. The old AT is dead. Let’s bring in AT 2.0 and other tournaments WITH THE TOOLS FOR THE COMMUNITY TO RUN THEM.

Marauders: Fix their resists. Give them a way to avoid if not counter supers so they are not a cyno magnet.

T2 Battleships: Fix them. Give them the stats to fulfill their stated role.

Abyssal PvP: Abyssals are a mixed bag. I understand what CCP was trying to do and test, but removing players from the sandbox is a bad idea. The introduction of abyssal pvp started mitigating this a bit. Frig abyssals made the abyss a group activity. Open the abyss to 3v3 frig pvp. This was talked about at Vegas 2018 and its very late arriving for a feature like this.

Fix Maintenance array and bowhead/orca docking while tackled/active timer


Secondary Items (like QoL):

Fix chat windows so they can be stacked vertical or horizontal 2 deep

Add new flavor item for KM memes: Item: Cat Description: Cat, but in space

Add ability to disable RED DOT :red_circle: menace

Add “PvP” and “Exploration” tabs the new bro overview (why is mining the only presented option)

Add ESI end points to be able to remotely update MOTD, Calendar Events, and maybe chat end points for pings

Fix Industry UI

Bring back the torpedo explosion animation