Insidious Sainthood

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Insidious Sainthood

I discovered Eve Online May 8, 2007. It was love at first sight.

I uninstalled every other game, and the next few weeks were a glorious new romance between me and all things Eve as I dove deep into the forums, guides, and game.

I began as a lowly high sec mission runner and slowly built up knowledge and friends until joining a null bloc, becoming a null sec ratter and F1 monkey. (SMASH-ROADKILL for those who remember.)

Our Story

Our Approach

Then one metamorphic, mind-blowing day, the scales fell from my eyes when someone linked solo PvP videos featuring Violatohr and Endless Subversion.

I didn't know PvP had a solo mode; I needed to know more!

Fittings, piloting, mechanics… I started learning Eve all over again.

Every spare moment was spent watching and picking apart videos. With my deep love for missile spam, I immediately took to the buffer HAM drake of 2010-2012.

Trying out my new knowledge, I quickly went from "unranked" to the top 1000 PvPers on Battle Clinic. My personal goal was to solo every sub cap in game in a drake (not realistic but I still got over 70%).

My true loves are still solo PVP and battlecruisers. Both of those need love, along with low sec.

Some of my high points (not all on this toon):

Over 1000 solo kills in a drake (RIP battleclinic)

Winning a 1v1 tournament from an airport bar after a 4.5hr flight. It took 3 hours.

Winning the final 2 fights of a 2v2 tournament: one I got off the shuttle to the airport and played from the curb outside, and the other we won at the terminal while my flight was boarding.

Played a tournament match while attending G-Fleet in Berlin.

Volunteered at Eve Vegas 2018 and 2019, G-Fleet (Eve Berlin) 2019, and Eve London 2019. If you attended any of those events, you may have seen me running around at the registration or donation booths.

Hosted Eve Utah 2019

Flew in 3 Alliance Tournaments

Streamed from a McDonald’s for 5 hours

Taught my teenage son to be a ruthless, low-sec space pirate.

We are currently members of RvB and I am still very much in love with the game and the community.

I spend most of my game time flying solo through --and getting blobbed in-- Black Rise. I enjoy putting a lot effort into teaching and SRP-ing newbros that are trying to learn Eve.


Eve is the greatest game I have ever played. It is also the longest (over 4700 days).

I feel that everyone should get to play their own game. Doesn't mean I don't get salty when I get blobbed as a solo guy, but I recognize that everyone is paying their time, money and emotions into New Eden.

I support PvP AND PvE. I have done both and still occasionally try my hand at PvE content (COSMOS, Epic Arcs, Abyssal, etc).

I support high, low, null sec and WH play and have enjoyed all four.

Most importantly, I try, and will continue to try, to listen to every idea and judge it on its merits across all play styles. Will I get everything right? Probably not. But it won't be for lack of trying.

I, personally, prefer small gang over large, PvP over PvE, and love the sand box approach to content i.e. novel fittings, clever tactics, Jita scams, corp theft, in game player events etc.





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A few pieces of media:
My RvB shirt I didn't get to wear @ FanFest 2020

RvB and friends Eve London 2019

Volunteers @ Eve Vegas 2019

Shout-out on-stage during closing of Eve Vegas 2019

My birthday @ Eve Vegas 2019 (Thanks Ivy/Eve North/CCP Guard)

CCP Falcon @ G-Fleet 2019

Winning match outside SLC airport before a flight

Eve Utah - The brats add 10 lbs. 😛

Our Story

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